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to mute or not to mute–displays of emotion in a virtual environment

Why:  Recent events have driven me to research emotional displays in the virtual workspace, and whether they are or can be career-killers, career-boosters or somewhere in between.

What:  Putting together the answers to these questions and many more:

  • How much are you risking in a virtual world if your emotions are on display in a teleconnected meeting?
  • How do you manage the employee who’s crying, screaming, melting down in a virtual meeting?
  • How different are men and women both in displaying and managing their emotions in a wholly networked environment?
  • How can you tell if someone’s nearing an emotional outburst in a teleconference? Should you let it happen? Can you avoid it, and do you want to?
  • When’s the best time to display emotion?  To downplay it?  To ignore someone else’s? To embrace it?

How:  By drawing conclusions from research on:

  • Emotional communication in the workplace.
  • Emotional communication online and over video, voice and text.
  • Gendered emotional communication.